Youth Development Learning Modules

Learn about eight features of positive youth development programs as identified by Eccles and Gootman in their 2002 publication, Community Practices for Promoting Positive Youth Development.

Coach Modules

Learn about six elements that can be used to develop and maintain strong youth development programs through effective leadership, coaching, and facilitation. Modules are designed for coaches, managers, and those preparing for promotion into those roles.

Youth Program Self-Assessment

Conduct a self-assessment to help reflect on your current program and identify strengths as well as opportunities for growth.

Live Learning Lab

A virtual platform for developing meaningful coaching and professional development for child, youth, and family programs. Receive feedback about program operations in real-time and resources to support program improvement.

Evaluation Tool

In partnership with the Children, Youth, and Families at Risk Program (CYFAR), these eight modules focus on all aspects of program evaluation from designing, to collecting and handling data, and effectively communicating the evaluation results to stakeholders.